Living near the Port

Eastland Port is part of a thriving local community

We love being part of the neighbourhood and aim to operate in a way that respects the needs of those who live and work around us.

What are we doing to minimise the noise and dust?

We’re managing operational noise and dust through hours of work, a Noise Management Plan and a number of noise/dust mitigation strategies, which include:

  • Adjusting the time of day and the duration of activities that cause noise
  • Ensuring our pavements are maintained to prevent irregular surfaces
  • Ensuring machinery is regularly maintained to prevent unnecessary machine noise
  • Installing an innovative sprinkler system covering the upper log yard

Eastland Port is always focused on looking for new and better ways to keep our noise levels at a minimum. We’re keeping our eyes and ears open for quieter ways to work.


Live noise data

Eastland Port has a sound monitoring device on the Portside Hotel to measure the noise levels in the area. The monitor measures noise from activity at the port and other noise sources in the area. Noise levels at the monitor are typically between 50 and 60 dB LAeq.

It’s important to note that the measured noise levels are not just from Eastland Port activity. Noise from other sources such as weather events, passing heavy vehicles, and other environmental factors will also be measured. This will influence the noise monitoring data.

Noise data is presented in a graph which shows the average noise level throughout the day in 15 minute periods (LAeq 15min). The example below explains how to read the graph. Click here to see the real-time noise data.

Live noise data example

How do I make a noise/dust complaint?

To make a noise complaint, phone port security on 06 868 1372. If you’d like to make a written noise complaint, please email

When a complaint or enquiry is received, either electronically or via telephone, prompt acknowledgement will be provided. Where possible, you will receive a response the same day. If the enquiry requires a more detailed response, we will endeavour to provide this within two working days – or an alternative timeframe which will be outlined to the person who made the complaint. To see exactly what happens when we receive a call, and how the complaint is addressed, click below.

Eastland Port Complaints Process

Port Community Liaison Group

Eastland Port meets regularly with the Port Community Liaison Group, which includes local residents, iwi and hapū, Gisborne District Council representatives, and other community stakeholders. At these meetings we give updates about the plans and projects that we’re working on, and provide the community with the opportunity to give port management direct feedback. Plans are shared with the group and measures worked through to minimise disturbance and impacts to our neighbours. If you would like to read the previous meeting minutes, click on the drop down box below.