Innovation Award - Wharf 7 Rebuild

Eastland Port GM of Infrastructure and Development, Marty Bayley along with members of the McConnell Dowell team, proudly accepted the Innovation award at the 2023 Construction Sector Beacon Awards in Wellington.

The judges commented that “McConnell Dowell and Eastland Port challenged the norms by redesigning the project to save significant cost and embodied carbon, while reducing environmental impacts and impact on locals. This is a great example of thoughtful design using an established contract approach with a great outcome for those involved. Really excellent project. A leader in innovation in our opinion.”

Marty said the early engagement between the designer, constructor, and the Port was key to its success. 

“The wharf design was significantly refined and taking the time to collaborate at the start meant the project had minimal issues and achieved all the outcomes that were important to Eastland Port and the community.” 

Mike Bonnette, McConnell Dowell Project Manager said, “It was the team’s collective commitment to sustainability that enabled us to make the significant carbon savings we achieved and that brought us here tonight.”

Minimising the carbon footprint by 9748 tonnes of Co2e was one of the ways the team made those goals a reality.